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Humans At Sea is a site that reports you on the latest updates on anything and everything related to the seas and the oceans,    and all the people that spend time in it.

The site has myriads of stories from the hearts of sailors who brave the tides of the high seas; gripping tales of bravery, heartening tales of lost love, immersive parables about loneliness, old mariners and ships plying the oceans.

We are an Internet Media Company for the ones wishing to know more about the careers of seamen; maritime institutes to apply to; positions to be held on and off deck, engine room, etc. We scrutinise every update we manage to acquire to make sure that the information we reach out to you you indeed genuine.

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What is Humans At Sea?

It is the perfect destination to learn all about the sea community and careers it has to offer.

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Just email us your story on . We would love to publish your article on our website. Please note that plagiarised material would not be permitted.

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If we haven’t acknowledged your contribution to the Humans At Sea community, kindly re-mail us the needed material on and we shall do the needful.