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VIDEO: When Somali Pirates Attacked the Tanker Ship

In may 2010, Dipendra Rathore was training to become a ship’s officer on a chemical tanker, Their journey was set to least 25 days. on the 4th day, they were sailing close to Somalia. the Navy was alerted by a delayed distress call but were too far away to help. the pirates issued a ransom demand for millions of dollars. negotiations are generally very slow. their crew was held hostage for 8 months.

watch this award-winning short movie by Save our seafarers organisation.

About the organisation
SaveOurSeafarers was established in March 2011 and is calling for unified action to raise awareness of the human and economic cost of piracy. We are one of the biggest ever maritime industry groupings, comprising twenty-eight organisations that have joined together to raise awareness of the human and economic cost of piracy. Our campaign has gained support worldwide including, the Philippines, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and from many other countries within Europe. We understand the problems Somalia faces (the most prolific area for attacks) after 20 years of vicious civil war but we believe our innocent seafarers and the global economy have the right to protection.

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