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Watch the Compilation video World’s Most Terrifying Boats

Here are some most Terrifying boats in the world and some of them are impossible to Sink, used by different countries for their naval department and built by Safehaven Marine.
Including the Amazing “Thunder child”

Thunder Child’ The XSV 17 is a development of Safehaven’s new Barracuda range of high speed, low RCS Interceptor/patrol craft for commercial, S.A.R.  and naval operations. The new design brings even greater capabilities incorporating greater speed, greater range, higher crew capacity and an even lower RCS.

The first of class ‘Thunder Child’ is an undeniably striking and stylish craft, however, the resulting sleek profile is pure as a result of form following function due to her unique design features, which combine a high-speed wave-piercing hull design with a low radar signature superstructure. The principal dimensions of XSV 17 are an L.O.A. of 18m (17.3m moulded) a 4m beam and a draft of .85m.



About the Manufacturer Safehaven Marine are designers and builders of FRP Pilot boats, Patrol boats, Crew transfer vessels, Hydrographic survey catamarans and Naval & Military craft. All our vessels are built to the highest standards of strength & engineering and are renowned world wide for their exceptional sea-keeping abilities, and we set a new World long range speed record in 2017 with our own vessel and crew. Established in 1996 we have built over 135 vessels supplied to 27 countries worldwide, and become leaders in our field.

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