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One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”
I learned my business as an Ordinary Seaman on a 45-years old icebreaker.
Nevertheless, of the age she was wonderful in shape: Big wooden steering wheel, radar with plotting pen, engine room with open cylinder heads and valves which are manually operated.

Today the industry has made a big change in a fast-paced environment mostly led from the “office”. Instead of being out there most of the time many of us are bounded to the office desk.
Between all this paperwork and emails it is important to not forget was the business is “real” running.
As often as I can I move on deck to check out how the people are doing and if they need anything because only with them it is running as it should be.
For our business, this means: If you have a happy crew, you have happy guests and if you have a happy guest you have a happy company. Simple as that…

Between all this work-related stuff it is as well important to never forget why you joined the industry.
For me this means to take as often as I can my chair, move it to the wing and watch the sunset with a good cigar or cigarette.

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