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A sailor’s wife or girlfriend is a matter of pride of course.

“A sailor’s wife or girlfriend is a matter of pride of course. Many say it’s a matter of pain but it’s not. People say the sailors stay away from home so the wife has to spend time alone, but do you know this is the only drawback, rest all the things that a sailor’s wife gets, women married to non-mariners do not get. The love never dies as whenever he comes back, it’s just like falling in love again and again. The distance is just a matter of space but hearts are connected which strengthens the love, the bond and the relations between two hearts.”


We are from Noida, India; I got married to my husband in June 2017. My husband works on oil tankers (VLCCs-Very Large Crude Carriers) as a Chief Officer I am accompanying my husband for the 1st time on the VLCC vessel. VLCC’s are huge tankers which seldom touch shore. I did get the chance to disembark and explore the beauty of places at whichever ports we docked at. These invigorating experiences can never be justifiably articulated in words.

But even as staying onboard is really exciting for a few days, after some time, life on ship becomes monotonous. Sometimes it’s so droning that it has to be overcome with some productive work. Monotony is a worry that something is being missed out on. It’s the fear of doing nothing. It’s the fear of silence, or more specifically, the fear of the silence of your own mind.

When one controls the mind by letting it go instead of being controlled by it, boredom becomes non-existent and happiness, joy, contentment, and peace become permanent instead of being just temporary. Happiness is an inner choice; right here, right now and always, no matter what life’s external happenings might be.


Even as there are countable members with whom we can chat during the leisure hours the crew members get busy in their daily tasks. So the ladies onboard can do plenty of chores to overcome boredom while they are onboard.

Things which I do onboard to make my time productive by cooking something in galley and helping chief cook in several things; by clicking pictures of sunrise, sunset and other scenic views form bridge of the ship; I also watch movies, TV series; playing indoor games; gathering geographical information about oceans, gulfs, seas etc; and we have weekend parties on ship where we sing songs, play cards and games etc.

Though there are several other ways of passing time on board ships for ladies on board ships, one thing I have realized is that one needs to have a strong desire to feel and experience the life at sea. It might get a bit monotonous on the way, but traveling by ship is an experience you cannot get in any other field.


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