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I came across the industry after watching the movie Captain Phillips

Hello, My name is Joe Furness, I am from Manchester, England. I came across the industry after watching the movie Captain Phillips, since I’m from nowhere near the sea I thought the movie made the job look pretty exciting so I applied online and the rest is history.

Currently sailing as Third Officer and have been with @maerskline since starting my studies. Didn’t face many problems as it’s pretty easy to get a cadetship in the UK, all cadetships are sponsored by a company because there’s not many of us.

I’m happy with the way My company treats their employees, we have it really good here all things considered when you compare life to smaller Asian managed companies with no onboard facilities and long contracts.

Really enjoy working with other nationalities, learned how to get by in Tagalog and it’s cool to make friends from different places in the world.

Life at sea is a constant adventure with complete freedom at the end of the tunnel (sign off)
The coolest moment was probably sailing under Aurora Borealis (northern lights) in northern Russia, a camera could never capture all of what you see so it’s kinda a special moment just to be there.

We at Humans At Sea celebrate this immense passion for the ocean, and we wish you @joethesailor the very best of life experiences out in the seas! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story.

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