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I never really thought I would take this seafaring career, it wasn’t really on my plans.


I’m Jay Amores, currently a Junior Engineer from the Philippines. I never really thought that this Mufti Day photo during my 4th grade will turn into reality after 13years. It was just an impromptu “Uniform” as I don’t have any idea what I am going to wear on the theme “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

My father being an engine officer also, has become the inspiration of this Uniform, as my mother just suggest it to me for the sake of having a Uniform that time.

I never really thought I would take this seafaring career, it wasn’t really on my plans, (All I want before was an Engineering course, not specifically marine) But the practicality of life here in the Philippines and the inspiration I got from my father, changed my mind.

Now I’ve been Sailing with Northern Marine Management since the start of my career. My previous vessel Navigator Gusto (owned by Navigator Gas) That ship is such a beauty!

I Started with NMM as an engine cadet then now a J/E, they have been a key factor in making my dream turn into reality now.

Seafaring has this bittersweet “taste”. It also has this Unusual satisfaction. Even though we know that the life onboard is hard we still and always will Miss going onboard when we are on land. I really don’t know why.

My career helped me grew as a man through experiences and hardships. It also gave me the opportunity, as we say during interviews..”To travel for FREE! See the World! Indulge in different cultures!”

As I embarked again on my new contract in the coming weeks, It’ll be a new challenge again for me, hardships may come but I know the passion deep inside me never stops. In seafaring, I turned my profession into my passion.

and As a new generation Seafarer, I want to show the people through my Instagram and onboard vlogs our lives at sea and what does it take to be considered as #Humansatsea

“may Professionalism and Passion be in our hearts always”

We at Humans At Sea celebrate this immense passion for the ocean, and we wish you @jaybryann the very best of life experiences out in the seas! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story.


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