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Life less ordinary.. Tells Sailor’s wife

Hello, I’m Preeti chooramani, who is a traveler, adrenaline junkie, blogger and married to a chief officer who hails from Mumbai, I am Masters in hospitality and worked with Top 5 star properties. Loves documenting my travels around the world!

“Die with memories not dreams”

We all have such dreams that we want them to come true. For a Sailor Wife, sailing with him is close to perfect dream come true. It is not just sailing that pulls you, its more than that. 

7th March

Well, he is due to sail today and I have to begin counting my days once again, but this time for a different reason ?

25th March

After all this while we decided to finally sail together, I was really excited to join him on board and guess what I finally got the approval. My first thought was..will I like it on board ? What will I do on the ship? Will I get bored ? What if I feel like coming back from ship?


7th April

The day has finally arrived for me to set my foot on board! I am thrilled and excited already. Delhi to Singapore is only a 5hour flight and the wait was killing me. Experiencing the life of a sailor real time was just a dream until I got to married one last year. After reaching Singapore we boarded the boat to get to the ship.

I was so amazed to see the real ship so close here when I finally arrived in Singapore. And then I saw him waving his hand wearing his blue jumpsuit /boilersuit. Hahah! I felt so proud watching him like that and working so hard that we couldn’t even hugged each other properly.

PS: He was drenched in sweat ..ughh! Never mind !




8th April

So here I am on this lifetime adventure, to explore some beautiful places around the world with my eternal happiness by my side.
Well to start with my morning are pretty early at 7am, haha! Yes you heard that right. Yes I am on a holiday and still get up that early , reason being him. I’m synchronising my sleep cycle according to his. And that’s pretty important. I took a tour of the vessel and began settling down in my new house. And soon after I got settled I even got a chance to go out in Singapore. Lucky me! Oh not just once ..actually thrice . Haha! Third time even he managed to take a day off .

Later…At Sea

We set the sail to Tauranga , New Zealand ?? which is a 16 days sailing. I was completely floored by the vastness of the ocean. My heart overflowed with an insatiable desire to sail across the endless oceans to the farthest corners of the world. I soon realised that the weather on the ship is as changeable and unpredictable as the sea itself…and I was completely swept off my feet. Cool and pleasant with gentle rain at one moment to being warm and sunny the next. It is so beautiful to stand at the bridge of the ship with the wind blowing through your hair .

When people ask me why did you go sailing? I say “where else can u live such a comfortable life! You are treated like a royalty on board. Where else can you see such beautiful sunsets and sunrises everyday? Every night is a starlit night on the ship. And of course the love and togetherness”.



Life on ship

I am delighted to share my sailing experience with you all as I belong to a family where no one had ever been in this occupation of a Mariner. But luckily I have few friends in this occupation and I have learned a lot of things about a mariners life which were unfamiliar to me otherwise.

Life on ship is totally different from what we have on land. I am enjoying being away from the land and people , being without phone signals and the tranquility. Shaleen was happy to learn that I am enjoying the ship life because he feared I might get bored as I am the only girl on board and he had to be away all day at work. But I did managed to rediscover myself and did things to spend my time. It was a totally different world, and I was suddenly feeling that I was born to live such a life.


Not all women have the privilege to sail on such big ships. I feel  lucky ? actually very lucky ? and I feel proud to be his WIFE. 

I tried my hand on photography and I managed to get some awesome clicks. If you are nature lover and admirer, it’s a treat not only for your eyes but for all other senses as well.



25th June 

And finally signing off with a huge gesture of gratitude to my husband and everyone on board for making my experience a cherished one. 

I will sea you soon!

And Bon voyage to all the ladies who are joining their husbands on board and for the other who can’t get the inspiration from me.

Hope you liked my sailing experience blog . Let me know your views  in comments below.
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