A giant whale got caught in a fishing Net Rescued by Cargo Ship’s Crew

On 19 April 2017, An heroic sailor risked his life diving off the side of a cargo ship to save a whale that had got stuck in a fishing net.

The crew of the Cheikh El Mokrani tanker spotted the large mammal writhing around in the water, desperately trying to get free.

Then, after just a moment’s consideration, one crew member hurled himself off the 40-foot-high deck and into the freezing sea below.
He then swims towards the huge animal and pushes its nose away from the net.

one of the crew members even jumped into the sea from the deck of the ship to help his fellow seafarer who was already trying to save that whale which was trapped in the net.

Video was Sent by: Элиас Робким
All rights reserved: Humans At Sea

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