5 Cruise Secrets you should know about while travelling on a cruise

There is whole new and different world on cruise that most of the people are not aware of, here in this article we are going to share few secrets and insights of a cruise that you are completely unaware of.

Maybe you never get onto a cruise or maybe you have got on cruise for several times, but here in this article I will share few secrets that you have never heard about, You might get astonished after knowing those secrets.

  • There is a morgue on the ship:

Most of the cruise ships are deployed for a time span of 4-5 months or nearly around that, in such a situation if someone passes away on the ship and it is not possible to take the body to nearest ports or necessary arrangements then these morgue are really required. Crusie lines never discussed such issues openly but chances of increase in death toll are significant for the ships that carrying elderly passengers.

Crew Members Work Every Single Day, There is no weekly off for them: 

There are many crew members who works continuously for 7 days without a single weekly off and might be they work more than any typical american do work. They travel around the whole world but sometimes, they don’t even see the ports.

Crew Members live on board but not year around:

Cruise line hire members for a particular tour for instinct of 4-6 months where they live onboard, After that they get a leave for around 2-3 months and then they need to report back.

The crew members know lot about you that you don’t even think:

The cruise lines usually posses a central database that stores a hell lot of information about you from your likes, dislikes and much more, thus in return sailing the information is shared with crew members to provide you personalized experience.

Captain doesn’t stand all day behind the wheel: 

Got surprised, please don’t cruise work on auto-pilot mode unless they are entering or taking exit from some port.

Crew Members Party Harder than you: 

They follow the rule of Work Hard Party Hard, crew bars stay open for more than passenger bars. They get more revelers alcohol served than passengers. There are always the chances of more intense celebration on cruise for the crew members.

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