Hoax or Reality: Plane Accidentally Dump Human Waste Over Cruise Ship Injuring 23 Members

According to several reports a taiwanese airliner dumped human waste on the top of cruise ship is a fake news”


On April 11 2017, according to an article published by World News Daily Report many large “chunks of frozen human waste” dumped from an airliner on the deck of cruise ship.

According to the report “Passengers of a cruise ship sailing off the coast of Hawaii had an extremely unpleasant surprise this morning, when chunks of frozen human waste fell on them from the sky.”

A Boeing 777 airplane belonging to the Taiwanese airline EVA Air, dumped human excreta midair while traveling from Japan to Hawaii. Cruise Ship sailing off the coast of Hawaii Passengers shocked in morning when a taiwanese airliner dumped chunks of frozen human waste on the deck of cruise ship. According  to reports It was a Boeing 777 airplane belongs to Taiwanese Airline EVA Air.

Unluckily,  the content of the toilet tank was drop into the sky while the plane was flying over the cruise liner Lady of the Pacific, that got hit by “large chunks of blue ice. The cruise was actually covered with human excreta all over the top deck of ship.

There are hundred of passengers were present on deck at that moment and few got hit by those chunks weighed 10lbs.  According to a North Pacific cruise lines they will surely file a lawsuit against taiwanese airlines.

The incident published in reports never happened. Though the leaks in sewage tanks or drain tubes of airliners results in chunks of blue ice as mentioned in the reports accidentally falling on the ground from planes.

The questions arise in your mind is do airlines ever dump waste from flight in such a way as mentioned in article? The answer is no, not intentionally.

Airline toilets usually prefer “close waste system” just like a common toilet in our houses and flushed the wastewater into an onboard sewage tank or it prefer modern “vacuum waste system” that sucks wastewater into tank. While the airline is up in the air, the difference between air pressure outside and inside the airplane create a vacuum whenever a passenger uses flush. The valve of Sewer tanks can be opened from outside only hence even if a crew member wants to open the valve while flying, no one can do that since the valve can be operated by ground crew members only.

The Report of Airline Dumping Waste over Passengers is a Hoax

Moreover the fact is, EVA Air has no flight in current from Hawaii to Japan ( or from anywhere else), not only this there is no North Pacific Cruise  line neither any recognized cruise fleet named as Lady of Pacific. Even in the absence of other clue, the story fabricated is evident because its sources is World News Daily report that is a fake news site whose disclaimer hardly notes that their content is sarcastic in nature.

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