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Navy Ordered Sailors to Stop Vaping at SEA

The Navy decided to ban all the electronic cigarettes and any kind of vaping devices from its aircrafts, Ships, Boats and all the submarines. According to the reports nearly 15 misshapen took place during the time span of October 2015 to June 2016 that resulted in first and 2nd degree burns and facial disfiguration from e-cigarette explosions.

Nine out of 15 incidents tool place due to failure of mechanisms. Two battery explosions happen when sailor when using the cigarette that result in facial and dental injuries. According to Naval Safety center these device are prone to significant and unacceptable risk for Navy Personnel, Submarines, Vessels, aircrafts etc. and can cause a huge loss.


The US Department of Transportation similarly banned vaporizers from aircrafts last year, though it did so to prevent passengers from “unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes.”

The e-ban will be in effect from May 14 and is expected to be effective until the final decision on policies has been made. Sailors who are already sailing and deployed will be asked them to remove the batteries and store them in a non-explosive container. Use of such devices will be allowed on shore at designated smoking areas


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