10 Most interesting ShipWrecks to Visit Among Milli

According to reports and stories, there are million of shipwrecks available below the ocean. One can’t travel or visit all the shipwrecks, thus here in this article we are going to share the most interesting 10 shipwrecks one should travel in order to experience the waves. Hope you like this article:

  1. Bessie A. White, Fire Island, New York:

Bessi white is a 200 schooner that has been wrecked about west of Smith Point Country Park in the year of 1922. The crew escaped and got safe but the ship has been lost. When superstorm sandy hit island in october 2012, it revealed the battered remnants of the ship’s hull.It had been carried west near skunk hollow in Fire Island.  National Park Service sometimes leads hikes to the wreckage, whose location over time provides scientists with clues to how the landscape of Fire Island has changed.


2. MS World Discoverer, Solomon Islands: 

It is a danish cruise ship that has been built in the year of 1974 and once get lost while carrying passengers in solomon around in the year of 2000. No one could escape and no one was alive. But even after 2014 the wreckage was a tourist attraction in Roderick bay in Nggela island.

3. Peter Iredale, Warrenton, Oregon:

Peter iradle is 4 masted steel barque and the vessel owned by British shipping firm Iredale and porter. In september 1906 it ran aground with 3 of her masts get snapped from impact under clapston beach by a storm wind while travelling from Santa Cruz, Mexico, on its way  to Portland, Oregon. The wreckage became an immediate tourist attraction, and despite being buffeted by the wind and waves ever since, it remains so today. It’s now part of Fort Stevens State Park.

4. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos island, Greece:

The shipwreck is available in Ionian Islands that gives a nickname to beach: Smugglers Cove. It was wrecked in early 1980 whiile smuggling cigarettes or maybe some thing worse. The leftout rust of hulk is only thing to see. Though, the beach also attracts visitors for its clear turquoise waters and Pristle pale sand. Along with this it is one of the most popular sports BASE jumping in the world.

5. SS Maheno, Fraser Island, Australia:

SS Maheno broke apart due to a cyclone on its journey in the year of 1935. After that it was found on Australia’s Fraer Island and it become major tourist attraction after that despite it is not that safe. SS Maheno was also utilised as hospital ship for New Zealand Navy during World War-1. It was later sold to a japanese ship breaking company for scrap.

6. SS Oregon, Long Island Sound, New York

7. Uluburun, Bodrum, Turkey:

It is one of the oldest dated ship found 3500 years ago. Its found in the bronze age and is in museum. A local sponge diver found the wreck in the year of 1980 After that Archaeologist spent 11 years to study it completely and collect tons of facts about the ship. Nobody ever found where the ship was going where the ship is coming from but one can say that rich is involved in the ship.

8. MV Captayannis, River Clyde, Scotland:

It is greek sugar carrying ship that has been sunk in  Scotland’s River Cydle in the year of 1974 during a terrible storm. The shallow waters around the wreck make it relatively accessible, and the ship seems likely to stay where it is, since its precise ownership is something of a mystery.

9. La Famille Express, Turks and Caicos Islands:

It was built in 1952 in poland, Fort Shevchenko served a large par in Soviet Navy, before being resold and re-christened with its new name in 1999. It was wreced in the year of 2004 under some mysterious circumstances. It lies in few feet of water and is an attractive landmark for boater in Turk and Caicos

10. Eduard Bohlen, Namibia:

It is 2,272 ton cargo ship wrecked in 1909 off Namibia’s skeleton coast in thick fog. The ship has been drifted so far that it completely become land-locked now.

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