20 Reasons you Should Always travel with Sailor

Here in this article we are going to share why sailors are best people to travel with. There are very few people who understand the life of sailors. People who are reading can easily correlate with the points mention below about the life of sailor. Below we have mentioned 20 reasons for which you should always travel with sailor.

  • Light Bags to Travel:

    Sailors always used to carry light bags due to less space available on boat. Hence, it is one of the best thing while travelling with sailors.

  • No Complaint for sleeping conditions:

They would never complaint you about sleeping conditions. Irrespective of any condition you provide them to sleep they would always be happy and would never complaint as well.

  • Likewise, you will never have to hear them whine about bathroom conditions.:

Since sailors travel different places across the globe and there they find different different conditions for their personal space. So they would never complaint you regarding their personal space.

  • Optimum utilization of time with Sailors:

They know how to optimize each and every second of your travel so you can enjoy at the fullest.

  • They Know how to avoid tourist traps:

Sailors can quickly assess new locations and determine where and what the tourist traps are and how to avoid them, because ports are usually littered with them.

  • Wide Network of Connections everywhere:

They will meet new persons, will name several other sailors and persons and bump you will be treated as guest of honor and they can easily get mixed with people around them.

  • Access to most of insider technology:

Sailors are used to buying local goods and using local services at most ports. Need a good recommendation, head to any marina office and chat up the dockmaster, and usually a lot of local knowledge is imparted graciously.

  • Anything can be fixed by sailors

They can easily fix anything irrespective of any problem. You will always find them with an alternative option.

  • Remain unaffected by Bad Weather:

While being on Ship, sailors faces different conditions of weather, thus you will never get any complaint regarding the bad weather conditions around you.

  • When your pic of the glorious sunset doesn’t do the moment justice, you can always steal theirs:

    Theirs will always put your sunset pics to shame. They probably have 5,000 examples to prove it.

  • On any coastline you may get chance of getting invited on a boat for partying:

They have a wide network of friends who might be posted in different different coastal areas. It might  be possible that you get a invitation from these people. You don’t need to wonder if this happen.

  • Sailors know beaches and surf posts:

Always in touch with wind and tide reports makes for a good resource to find a nice place to surf or relax.

  • They can be your Personal GPS:

They are quite good and skilled when it comes to search any  nearest destination whether it is an hotel, local store anything.

  • Sailors know how to sew:

They are not too proud to whip out a needle and thread. Sails don’t fix themselves. Your backpack breaks? Hand it over to your sailor friend and it will be like new in a few minutes.

  • Food is always assured with them irrespective of any situation:

No matter whatever the situation is of food fuel, you will always get a tasty food that would always keep your hunger satisfied

  • Sailors would not keep you waiting while they groom:

    They are quick in getting ready and while dressing their hairs since they got habitual of these thing while they are on duty

  • Your Flights get booked easily:

As they know about almost every nearest airport, and good in distance and time they can easily book the best flight that are feasible for  you.

  • They would not freak out in case of any power-cut or without Wifi:

They have lived in different different conditions even without Wifi or Powercut so it would not be new for them and moreover they know how to keep themselves calm so even in case of a power cut they would never freak out.

  • Sailors are the original Boy Scouts:

    They usually carry a multitool everywhere. Bottle of wine? They are always prepared with a way to open it.

  • As per sailor every hour is happy hour:

They have faced different situations and different conditions, thus they will always remain positive in every situation.

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