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Artificial Diving Reef Created by Sinking a Ship from Pearl Harbor by Richard Branson

Artificial Diving Reef Created by Sinking a Ship from Pearl Harbor by Richard Branson: Richard Branson had decided to sink one ship in Pearl Harbor out of 5 surviving ships on Pearl Harbor off the coast of British Virginia Island  as per the report of Skift.

According to him he is doing it for a good cause, As per him once the ship would sink it will become an artificial diving reef. Branson hopes it would support local regional causes and it would boost the ocean ecology of New Virginia Island as well.

It might sound unusual to sink one of the useful ships that remained from Pearl Harbor, According to New York Times the ship is names as Kodak Queen. and could turn into metal scrap when identified rusting in a maritime junkyard in British Virgin Island.

Branson Friend Owan Buggy suggested the idea of turning a ship into Artificial Diving Reef when he heard about the ship once and Branson Liked the idea.

The ship will be known as Yoko BYI Art Reef. and will feature world-class diving crowned by an 80-foot Kraken sculpture that team at Art Reef designed and placed atop the Kodiak Queen.

The Underwater ship in Kraken, and pieces of artwork in the ship will generate coral reefs in future. Along with this it would also provide a home for marine species as well.

The ship will sank off the coast of island of Virgin Gorda near Private Necktor Islan estate. According to reports of bloomberg the new scuba diving site will be private and dives on those sites will be run by private operators that would cost you approx of $100.

Bloomberg also reported that site would be free to dive for anyone and all the profits generated by diving will be used for preservation of marine species and generous causes.

Along with that Brand Non- Profit organisation would utilize the funds for the improvement of swimming education among local personnel.

Branson told Bloommberg that BYI is surrounded by collection of beautiful reefs full of life. though people never got the opportunity to experience it, because they never had the opportunity to learn to swim. Thus, it would also help local personnel to learn swiming.

According to Bloomberg Branson will take their dive on April 12th, After one or two month of Sinking of Kodiak Queen, Diving site will be public.


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