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These Beautiful SEA Creatures can Kill You: Check these Beautiful SEA Creatures

Sea Creatures is always a fun to watch. The way their body is designed, the way they are colored are completely mesmerizing. Golden Ray is a species of Stingray sea animals that migrate every year in a big lot. Here are some pictures that show the beauty of these sea creatures.

Watching massive migration of the Golden Ray species from the Stingray:

These Golden Ray Species attack only when they sense some kind of threat around them.

They Look Beautiful only if you don’t disturb them during migration, if you dare to disturb them they can be very harmful:

Provoke them and See how aggressive they are:

The shades and the color golden on the stingray shows up very clearly

They are Jumpers as  Well:

They are quite good in jumping as well so you can also see them jumping at  times and then dive back in again

Spotted cruising through waters in the Gulf of Mexico during summers

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