10 Best Pirates Movie of all Times

 Real life incidents and conditions find an expression in cinema. Each one speaks its own tale. More than 300 movies about pirates have been made yet. All of them giving life and understanding of something that have been a cause of worry for the entire shipping world.

Here is Humans at Sea’s list of must watch movies in this series.

    1. The Pirates’ Gold (1908): The first ever prominent motion picture on this subject was directed by DW Griffith. It’s a 1908 silent short drama. It’s on our list because it’s the first that made an impact on this subject and is fun to relive those times filming era.
    2. Captain Blood (1935): The plot of the story is from a novel by Rafael Sabatini. The physician Peter Blood gets arrested for treating rebels and is deported as a slave to the Caribbean. Escaping from the clutches of the English, he leads a group of sailors to become pirates, taking the name Captain Blood. The battered, bruised yet unbroken image of a good man wronged by the system was deeply appreciated the audience. The movie was a blockbuster and became a milestone for Warner Bros.


3.The Sea Hawk (1940): This is a classic pirate tale, made by Warner Bros. Adding a flavor of patriotism; it’s a take on the age old rivalry between Spain and England. One can find glaring similarities between the antagonist King Philip II of Spain and Adolf Hitler as the former seems to be modeled after him, in the time of Second World War. The sparkling and rousing musical score is recognized as a high point and the movie was colorized in 1986.


4.Against All Flags (1952): This movie was a bold step considering the time it was made, where it featured a female captain. Set in 1700’s where a group of Madagascar pirates try to disrupt trade with India.


5.The Black Swan (1942): It is a film by Henry King, based on a novel by Rafael Sabatini. In this movie a reformed pirate captain enlists former buccaneers to get rid of pirate’s terror on seas. This movie was nominated for two Academy Awards.


6.The Hook (1991): A film by Steven Spielberg, was shot almost entirely on sound stages
at Sony Studio. The story is of an adult Peter Pan who has to reclaim his spirit to rescue his children from pirate called ‘Captain Hook’. Must be seen for an amazing performance by Robin Williams.


7.The Princess Bride (1987): This movie has also found its way to American Film Institute’s ‘AFI’s 100 Years…100 Passions” list of 100 greatest film love stories, and Channel 4’s “50 Greatest Comedy Films list”. You will see the best sword fight here and it’s much more than a love story.


8.Treasure Island (1950): Most of us have read Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece and were in awe of the one-legged crook, known as Long John Silver. Armed with a talking parrot as a side kick, Long John Silver is one of the most cunning and wicked pirate ever. And this characterization has defined the portrayal of pirates always. Treasure Island’ is a classic pirate movie of all times.


9.Captain Phillips (2013) :One of the rarest mainstream movies of recent times to have focused on the growing menace of the Somalian pirates in the Indian ocean, ‘Captain Phillips’ is a must watch. It is based on the real life incident of the hijacking of Maersk Alabama in 2009 by Somali pirates who end up taking the captain hostage, played brilliantly by Tom Hanks. The film gave a real insight about the ordeal faced by the crew and the perilous lives of sailors in difficult situations.


10.Pirates of the Caribbean (film series): The crowned prince of all pirates’ movies is this series. Pirates of the Caribbean a Disney film franchise based on a theme park ride of the same name, centering on the adventures of pirate Captain Jack. It was made legendary by Johnny Depp’s performance of Captain Jack Sparrow. This series made characters like Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Will Turner names that would be remembered for all of film history.

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