Should I Sail With my Husband?

Hey folks! I’m a sailor’s wife and being in a sailor’s community I’ve been surrounded by all the other spouses who are completely baffled and alarmed by the thought of so called ‘sailing experience’. So here I’m trying to shed some light from my own experience, which was like a serene rendezvous with blue skies and clear water. What inspired me to write a blog?Whenever I logged in any sailor’s community or met, some friend of mine who happens to be an Olive Oyl, one question was pretty common! SHOULD I SAIL WITH MY HUSBAND? I know this is a personal matter and no matter what one can’t make a suggestion about this. But trust me girls and give it a try. It is a whole new world. I’ve sailed with my husband once and that was the best time we had together. In a city’s busy life or on a holiday you have to follow an itinerary and you wouldn’t get much time for each other. Same is the case when a sailor is home; he has to meet his friends and  has liabilities towards his family also.  And that is why I’m  here to share the ease and love of sailing. And in the next blogs I will be writing about my experience on travelling around the world.

On board you have the opportunity of spending some quality time with your Popeye. There are many things which you can do when you are on board. If you are a nature lover and admirer, it’s a treat, not only for the eyes but for all  the other senses as well. Nothing could be more perfect than this. Early morning tea on the deck area  and enjoying the serenity of the vast ocean. Or a late night movie when your husband is back from his watch.

img-20130425-00777So after marriage, I took a sabbatical and went on with my Columbus on this adventure and explored many countries and cities with my eternal happiness by my side. It was an incredible experience and I would not miss it for the world.
Mornings were pretty lazy for me, as my husband is in the navigation department. So I had to synchronize my sleep cycle, according to him, which was a little difficult. But when you don’t have to face the agony and pain of separation, everything seems easy. I used to watch flying fish and the clouds moving for hours. So if you are fortuitous enough get a chance to sail, grab it happily with both hands.

dsc01816Whenever and wherever I went ashore I shopped. And when ports are back to back, it is like a never ending party. So for a few days I was on a shopping spree. If at times your husband is busy and can’t accompany you, still you can go out on your own as the company assigns cab drivers to pick up and drop in certain ports. So don’t curb your urge to see new places and buying new stuff. As I know you can live without land for months but can’t do without shopping. And do remember there are many interesting places worth visiting.
So please go and explore a different world out there. This whole thing would give you more knowledge about a sailor’s tough life and how exacting the job is. Or you are very lucky if you can spend time when he’s on his night watch or cargo watch. You wouldn’t want to miss the midnight snacking and coffee dates for the whole world. Or sit back, relax and enjoy the view and learn about the equipment, navigation and something new about this alien world.

img-20130329-00728If you are afraid that you won’t be able to survive because of the rough sea and the new environment,  trust me it will take a week or ten days  only to get acclimatized. But don’t miss this just because you are afraid of sailing or the sight of water giving you chills. I know the thought in itself is giving you heebie jeebeis, but to have jitters before sailing is pretty normal. I can assure you  its better than the situation when HE leaves for sailing. So here’s a list of things that you can indulge with-

  • If you are an overworked girl then you can sleep as much as you like or bask in the bright sunny mornings.
  • You can read whenever you like without thinking whether it is day or night.
  • You can take strolls on the main deck area and appreciate the resplendent view.
  • Or visit the car deck area where you will be mesmerized to see so many vehicles on one ship. (provided if you are travelling on a car carrier).
  • You can watch movies and TV series in the entertainment area where they have got all the new movies and stuff. So if you are a movie fan you would love to pass your time and maybe in a few months you would be a movie critique 😀
  • You can work out in the gym area or play TT. They have quite a few recreational activities on board.
  • And last not the least you can always look forward to the parties which are quite frequent on ships. A foodie can wait for Sundays to enjoy special Sunday Biryani.

img_1123-1So I hope this stuff was helpful to make up your mind for sailing and relishing every bit of it. In the next blogs I’m going to share my experiences and experiments with sailing!! Stay tuned.
And do let me know about this piece.

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