Watch: El Faro Black Box Recovery

Investigators will today start examining the data found on the voyage data recorder recovered last week from El Faro, the TOTE ship that sank during Hurricane Joaquin in October 2015.

It looks like it may be a little while before any details from the VDR are made public.

B-Roll of the El Faro Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) recovery aboard the USNS Apache, Atlantic Ocean, 8 August 2016.

The National Transportation Safety Board says that the examination of the data, called an “audition,” will happen in two rounds. The initial round only includes the NTSB Office of Marine Safety Acting Director, the NTSB Research and Engineering Director, the NTSB’s Investigator in Charge, and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Chief of Investigations and Casualty Analysis.

This audition is of the raw audio without any clean up or filtering and helps to determine the future scope of work.

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