Trainees May Have Been In Command Of UK Submarine When It Crashed Into Merchant Vessel

Trainees may have been at the controls of £1.1billion British nuclear submarine when it crashed into a tanker off Gibraltar

  • HMS Ambush was submerged and carrying out a training exercise off Gibraltar when it collided with a vessel
  • The 7,400 tonne high-tech hunter-killer sub has ‘world leading sensors to detect submarines and surface ships’
  • Yet managed to collide with the merchant vessel in the Med on Wednesday afternoon and suffered external damage
  • It emerged this morning that the vessel was helping to train officers hoping to become commanders at the time 
  • Commanding Officer Alan Daveney and other senior officers now face court martial following the crash

Trainee commanders may have been in control of a £1.1billion nuclear submarine when it crashed into a merchant ship during a training exercise off the coast of Gibraltar.

HMS Ambush was submerged when it suffered a ‘glancing’ collision with a tanker as it surfaced at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

It emerged today that, at the time of the collision, the vessel was conducting the Submarine Commanders’ Course, in which some of the Navy’s brightest officers are put to the test.

It is unknown whether a trainee was in command of the submarine at the time of the collision, but the Royal Navy is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the embarrassing crash.


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