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What Happens When An Oil Tanker Catches Fire And Explodes


This is an old clip from an incident that happened in 1997 in an Istanbul shipyard. It illustrates the devastating ferocity of a fire on board a bulk carrying crude oil tanker and by today’s standards this was not a Mega Tanker. Only 250 tons of 500 remaining in the holding tank ignited, the other 250 ran into the harbour. Imagine if the ship had been at sea or offloading with a full load of 86,000 tons of crude oil.

The MV Tpao flagship oil tanker of the Turkish oil tanker fleet, while undergoing maintenance caught on fire and suffered a catastrophic explosion on 13/02/97. Although there were injuries, there were no fatalities.
The Tpoa was originally built and named the Punta Mare and carried that name until Feb 19th 1985 then changed here name to the Transoceanica Giovanna until March 23 1989 and then she became the Tpao. The ship was scrapped after this accident.




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